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Our Story

We supply authentic, sustainably sourced Indian food produce for people who want to create great tasting authentic Indian food from ethically sourced ingredients in their own kitchen. Our family run business does this by working with suppliers who work with the same small scale traditional Indian farmers that supply the best family kitchens in India.

If you want your Indian food to taste as good as it would in India, authenticity and quality matter when it comes to choosing your ingredients.

I grew up in an Indian village, and then lived in Pune, a metro well known for its unique food culture. Moving to the UK made me crave the great taste and flavour of the Indian food I grew up with, but we were unable to find the same ingredients we had used at home. These ingredients had not been grown on an industrial scale but were nurtured and supplied by traditional, small scale Indian farmers.

It became our mission to supply the same goods that we used and enjoyed in our kitchen in India, but had been unable to find in the UK. All of the ingredients that we sell are grown on a sustainable scale that allows fair trade and high-quality produce.

We are based in the North West of England and deliver products in mainland UK. Our range of products include popular brands like Chitale Bandhu, Ganesh Bhel, Khamang Chiwada, Sakas and Gud2Eat.

I am sure you will love the ‘Green Impulse Foods’ selection such as Ambemohar Rice, premium quality pulses, spices and a lot more. They will certainly leave a memorable taste!

Kind regards,

Archana Manjare